With a wealth of contributions to the advancement and development of breakthrough biotechnology and life sciences, Paramount, formally known as Paramount BioSciences, LLC, has established its name as one of the leading companies in pharmaceutical development and investment. Paramount is a registered FINRA broker and dealer, and as so is leading the world in financing and raising funds for Portfolio Companies.
Paramount BioSciences Business Model
Paramount BioSciences is a corporation with interests in many domains. Paramount provides services and support in all the technical sectors of technology and biosciences, produces new products, acquires biotech companies and develops them into self sufficient corporations by aiding them and sharing with them the knowledge and values of what it truly means to be a part of Paramount BioSciences. Paramount BioSciences invests time evaluating pharmaceutical candidates for Portfolio Companies, and participating in the plans for developing pharmaceuticals from the first day until it’s stocked on store shelves.
Paramount takes pride in offering support for Portfolio Companies by giving them complete access to a framework of experience few other companies can match. With unprecedented access, the pharmaceutical development company can focus on developing their drug and not the elements of building an infrastructure.
The founder and current head of Paramount BioSciences, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald, is available to share his years of experience and knowledge to help speed up the development process in order to maximize the returns for Portfolio Companies and the medical community.
Once the development team has received their licensing and approval the pharmaceutical candidates are given to a dedicated management team assigned to that project throughout the development process. Dr. Rosenwald and the Senior Drug Development Staff at Paramount BioSciences are on call to offer their support to the Portfolio Companies through each step of the drug development cycle. These steps include: planning, development, and creation, toxically and clinical testing, manufacturing, commercialization, and Q&A. Because of their years of experience, Paramount BioSciences can provide their development teams with solutions for an array of therapeutic indications. These indications include: cardiovascular, inflammation, oncology, neurology, and more.
No matter where the drugs are in the process, you can rest assured that a global network of advisors and consultants will be on hand to provide experience and knowledge.
The name Paramount BioSciences is well known for its ability to provide aid to Portfolio Companies when they are seeking to recruit trustworthy executives that will usher the brand new pharmaceutical development company. A few of the newest Portfolio Companies exectutive members are the former CEOs of: Johnson & Johnson, Biogen, Amgen, Roche, Sanofi-Aventis, and others.
Dr. Rosenwald’s 20 years of experience has been invaluable to him as the head of Paramount BioSciences, where he has lent that experience to financing and developing biomedical corporations for various therapeutic indications, and cultivated over forty biotechnology companies. Dr. Rosenwald has invested his own money, and the money of contributors through Paramount Capital, and uses these funds to create pharmaceutical development companies from the ground on up.
As the “parent” company, Paramount BioSciences directs the accounting, legalities, market analysis, and financial functions, which offers Portfolio Companies the ability to focus solely on developing its drugs through clinical studies and trials, bearing and maintaining value for their patients, shareholders and licensors.
Paramount BioSciences is very good at finding and developing immerging pharmaceuticals, and it has the chance to evaluate the overall commitment and quality of the pharmaceutical candidates globally, whether they are a small company, university of a large drug company.
Creating Value with Paramount BioSciences
Paramount BioSciences is ahead of the pharmaceutical game because of its one of a kind infrastructure and outside networks that allow them to bolster Paramount Incubated Companies until they are strong enough to fly on their own. Dr. **Lindsay Rosenwald** developed a cycle in 1999 that is best expressed by the scheme below:
Product discoveryàParamount Initial Financing and DevelopmentàIncubation and nurturingàforming of the Portfolio CompanyàValue Inflection Point
Each Portfolio Company employee is brought on board according to the company’s developmental and financial circumstances. The average level of experience for each employee hired is at least 15 years. These years must have been spent in a medical or biotechnology field focusing on mobilizing pharmaceutical candidates into and through the clinical, developmental, and regulatory processes. The professional expertise of the employees ranges from molecular biology and clinical medicine.
Dr. Rosenwald’s years of experience and trove of knowledge allows him to build excellent teams of biotechnology gurus in market authorizations, or various pharmaceutical products offered around the world. Some of these products include: Kepivance, Neulasta, Viracept, and Rituxan.
Paramount’s Business Units
Paramount BioSciences
The purpose of Paramount BioSciences is to appraise and negotiate licenses for universities and biotechnology corporations. With its 40+ employees throughout 8 global offices, they develop in-license pharmaceutical compounds for various therapeutic indications, including: oncology, cardiology, inflammation, and neurology.
Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald helps by creating biotechnology companies that can stand on their own and can bring interested investors while functioning as public entities.
Paramount BioCapital, Inc.
As a registered NASD dealer, Paramount BioCapital focuses on raising funds (capital) for the acknowledged Portfolio Companies. Paramount BioCapital, in 2009, raised over $1 billion in their fundraising efforts through securities transactions, including: “PIPEs”, reverse mergers, self-registrations, and private placements. With its success in raising capital, Paramount BioCapital has become a name worth knowing in the biotechnology capital field.
Paramount Corporate Development
Dr. Rosenwald works closely beside Paramount Corporate Development. In-licensing and drug development, are a few of the sectors in which PCD is involved. The leadership team is comprised of 20 corporate experts with years of professional experience in pharmaceutical development, clinical studies and operations, formulation, fabrication/manufacturing, and commercialization.
Paramount BioCapital Asset Management
This company specializes in obtaining and distributing the capital of healthcare companies worldwide. Paramount BioCapital Asset Management has a proven hedge fund plan and equity under management in numerous private holdings.
Paramount Acquisition Company
This company builds private asset holdings that match large funds with graduating private companies. It recently declared that it has inked a $54 million transaction with medical device company, Valeritas, the manufacturer of the FDA approved insulin pump, h-Patch
The Leadership Team of Paramount BioSciences
The Paramount BioScience’s leadership team is comprised of men and women with at least 15 years of hands on experience in clinical and regulatory processes. The leadership team is lead by Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald, and as a group they participate in many pharmaceutical development and commercialization endeavors, including: Kepivance, Viracept, Sutent, Neulasta, and Rituxan. There are currently 50+ pharmaceutical compounds in the pipeline undergoing clinical development, and the indications of these compounds include: cancer, infectious disease, neurological disorders, and metabolic conditions.
Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald, M.D.: is the CEO and Chairman of Paramount BioSciences. His years in biotechnology, pharmacology and finance has made him a leader in the areas of biotechnology and life sciences. He has over 20 years of professional experience in acquiring, developing and investing in life science and biotechnology companies, and has founded and fostered over 40 companies in the biotech and drug industries.
J.Jay Lobell, J.D.: is the President as well as COO with Paramount BioSciences. His past experiences include a partnership with Covington & Burling, where his duties included providing financial, business, litigation and regulatory advice to financial companies, corporations and private parties.
Dr. Russell Ellison, M.D.: is the Executive V.P. of Paramount BioSciences and has more than 30 years of senior management knowledge and experience in drug development and commercialization. Also, he is the former VP of clinical development at Fibrogen, Inc. and Chief Medical Officer of Sanofi-Synthelabo, USA. He has also served as VP of medical affairs and CMO of Hoffman La Roche.
The Advantages of the Paramount BioSciences Model
A reason why Paramount BioSciences is a well known procurer of drug candidates and a developer of biotechnology is because Dr. Rosenwald’s development group is intimately involved in a global business network that judges and bolsters products and commercialization opportunities. The offices of Paramount BioSciences are located in New York City, London, Boston, Orange County California, San Diego, and North Carolina.
If the drug candidate is a promising candidate, they will be expedited through the licensing process. Delegates from all stages in the pharmaceutical development cycle work together to make sure that they are in agreement before the drug moves forward. The step following requires the creation of a product development plan for the compound and hiring a management staff. During this stage, the pharmaceutical compounds are transferred to Portfolio Companies without any transitional delays. The drug candidates are helped along in the clinical and regulatory process.
With a penchant for closing deals quickly, and starting the development process without delay, Paramount BioSciences has become a legend. It offers the drug candidates in Portfolio Companies an infrastructure that nurtures the candidate’s advancement through marketing, and rids itself of the chance of being placed on the back burner.
The value of in-licensed products is maximized due to Paramount’s expertise in clinical and commercial realms at the corporate level.
A History of Financial Aptitude
Dr. Rosenwald, in leadership over Paramount BioSciences, has lead the company into raising over $1 billion in capital from outside investors as well as funds from their own assets in Paramount’s Portfolio Companies. Each company involved in clinical studies receive heavy funding and financing through all stages in the development process.
Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald interacts regularly and closely with the leading US sell and buy side companies that include well known medical investors who have a history of investing in Paramount’s hedge funds but not in the company itself. All of Paramount’s staff members have real-time knowledge of healthcare and medical capital markets, which has resulted in more than $400 million in funds for Portfolio Companies in 2009 alone, which included $200 million by Paramount, $47 million for Cougar Biosciences, $16 million for Innovive Pharmaceuticals, $37 million for Ziopharm Oncology, and $22 million for Chelsea Therapeutics. Most of the leading healthcare funds financed by Paramount this year proves that there is still hope for biotechnology and life science development.