Summer Conference Ideas

Hello, NMC Team! Below is a summary of the ideas we've all shared to make the awesome event that is the NMC Summer Conference even more engaging! Share your ideas, comment on ones listed below, etc. Just make sure to sign your contribution with 4 consecutive tilde marks (~) so we know who is discussing what. No idea is too wild to write down, right? So let the ideas roll!

  • Double the amount of NMC Members per campus by offering discounts for additional members who attend (and give multi-year attendance discounts)
  • Call for proposals: encourage strategically categorized sessions (i.e. digital humanities, museums, etc.) -Yes! And then we can market to more specific groups of people with much more specific promotions that appeal to that group!- Sam Sam Jun 23, 2011
  • Fewer sessions; all plenaries (a conference of keynotes!)
  • Have a greater percentage of the sessions be interactive
  • Enhance the social aspects (i.e. bonfires and more community-building activities)
  • Integrate Town Hall style reflection meetings after sessions to promote discussions
  • Have a Twitter DJ who conducts "Twitterviews" with attendees passing by
  • Have attendees vote on which sessions they'd like to see make it in
  • Infused a Challenge Based Learning project into the conference, where attendees are divided into teams
  • Create a Summer Conference wiki, where all the attendees are a mock Horizon Project advisory board and get to discuss and vote on technologies. Then, we release a brief "NMC Horizon Report: Summer Conference Edition" -Cool! We can make a shortlist or a preview and the technology overviews and relevance can be user-contributed!- Sam Sam Jun 23, 2011
  • Have a photo/video booth where attendees feel comfortable recording their conference reflections
  • Design the program for the SC around themes involving our main sub-brands and projects: Horizon Project, MIDEA, Virtual Worlds, Challenge Based Learning, etc.
  • Compress the SC schedule to Wed-Fri, with optional activities like Photo Safari on Saturday.
  • Reduced rate for younger (less-senior) faculty members who accompany more senior members.
  • Series of NMC Connect Sessions throughout the year focused on the people and topics to be featured at the SC.